Who can join PTA?

You do not need to be a parent of a student to join. Anyone can join ADV PTA! We are looking to increase our community exposure and outreach! Tell your family, friends, business associates...tell everyone! They will be supporting your child's education in a big way! 

How do I become a business PTA member?

First, the business owner joins with a regular PTA membership. Then for just $15, the business can become a PTA member too! We are looking to increase our strategic business partnerships! In exchange for membership, we will list the business in our directory, the business name, logo and contact information will appear on our website and we will be highlighting our business partnerships in newsletters and other publications put out by the PTA. 

How long does my PTA membership last?

Memberships last for one year. You will need to renew your PTA membership each year. If you have not renewed for the current school year please be sure to join now!